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Disclaimer: The following story is based loosely on two characters that we all adore.  If sexual relations between two women offend you, may I suggest reading a different story?  This story takes place in the old west, and language being what it was then, expect a few grammer mistakes, some on purpose.


Mail - Order Bride

by Janice Logan

Chapter 1

"Today’s the day! She’s coming! I can’t believe this is happening to me. Jace Logan, how did you let that mangy bunch of drunks you loosely call friends talk you into taking a mail-order bride? What the hell will she think when she meets me? It’s too late now. You gave your word and you cain’t go back on that." The reflection in the mirror chose not to answer.

The picture, that had captured his interest, immediately stared back at him. Long, light-colored wavy hair, pleasant features and light eyes were about all the tin-type showed. The letter that had accompanied it was short and simple, accepting his proposal; giving little more than her name, Jillian Lane.

In contrast, the reflection had long, straight, dark hair that had been pulled back, and angular features, too harsh to be termed anything but handsome. Hardened, blue eyes that had seen too many sunrises and way too much misery stared back at him. The skin was sun-darkened and leathery from too many days in the saddle. The stocky body stood silently in the Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes. The dark suit, white shirt, and black string tie, accentuated the darkness reflected in the mirror. The dark hat was pulled down low to shadow the face reflected back. One well-used Colt 45, slung low on the hip, in an equally well-used brown holster, and shiny, but worn, brown boots completed the picture.

What was there to interest a young woman enough to travel thousands of miles through mountains, deserts, Indians, disease and death?

"Well, no need ponderin’ questions that cain’t be answered by nobody but the lady! Time to get going!"


Chapter 2

The town was unusually quiet, considering every single man in the county was in town, watching for the wagon train to get in. Men lined the streets, coughing, chain smoking, just generally being nervous & uncomfortable. The ones not on the street were in the saloon trying to get some false courage up for the trials ahead.

Jace pulled his wagon up to the rail and tied it off as he nodded at his neighbors and friends. He’d come here with some, fought Indians with others and shared losses with most. They all were a tough lot. They were survivors of a war that only a few out here had survived.

Taking his pocket watch out, Jace noticed he was right on schedule. If the wagon train got here soon, he might have time to ride out and check the cattle while Miss Lane (dammit, he was gonna have to get used to calling her--what?--Mrs. Logan?--Jillian?) got dinner on the table. He’d best buy some supplies while he was in town, he didn’t get in here often.

"Howdy, Jace, what can I get for you?," asked Reuben. The storekeep, had been one of the first pioneers to move out here.

"Just the usual, plus two rolls of barbed wire. Don’t know of nothing else I need, Reuben."

"Don’t you want to get somethin’ for that new wife of yours?"

"Like what? We got food and supplies for a couple of months with the regular supplies I just ordered. What more could she need?" Jace looked at Reuben like he just lost what was left of his mind. What more could she want than a roof over her head, food in her belly, and clothes on her back? Surely she had brought her own clothes.

Reuben reared back and laughed at the bewildered look on the man’s face. Poor fool didn’t know what was about to hit him square in the face. He dearly loved his wife but she near drove him crazy with her constant "I want this" and "I want that"!

"Oh, well, maybe you’ll get lucky and get a bride what don’t want nothing. Yeah, sure, and Crazy Horse is gonna ride down and surrender. All who believe that better can stand on their heads, cause, otherwise they’re gonna get scalped!"

The laughing came to a sudden stop as the storekeeper noticed icy blue eyes boring into his. Jace was a good man, but he was known for putting bullets in people who got him riled and he was definitely getting riled. Luckily, a cry went up that the wagon train had been sighted.

"Load the supplies in my wagon and put ‘em on my bill!" Jace said curtly as he left the store. Damn, Reuben, trying to make him feel like a fool. It was bad enough he was on this fool’s errand but then the storekeep had to make him feel like he didn’t know nothing about women! Hell, he knew more about women than that old man, sure as cows had tits!


Chapter 3

Everything was chaos as the wagon train pulled into town. Nobody could see anything. They were all pushing and jostling, jockeying for a better position. Jace figured he’d lean back and wait for the dust to clear, no need getting his nice suit all messed up. She surely wasn’t goin’ no where without him. He checked the tin-type again to make sure he remembered what she looked like and then cooled his heels until time to make his move. Several fights had already broken out amongst the prospective husbands, too many nerves on edge, keeping the town sheriff busy, bashing heads.

Suddenly, Bill Bowdry let out a whoop and grabbed an extremely tall, strawberry-blonde woman, "Awright, boys, this one’s mine. She’s just my size. None of you other runts could handle her. Come on, honey, let’s get hitched."

"Let me go, you son of Satan!" the lady hollered, as she reared back and kicked Bill in the shin.

For some reason, the hackles on the back of Jace’s neck began to rise and he began to move toward the unsuspecting man and woman.

Bill, feeling the woman was being a mite standoffish, decided they just needed to get to know each other a little better. So, he pulls her up and plants one right square on her lips.

Now, there was a reason for the red in that woman’s hair. It was a warning. Not only was that woman bad tempered but she was a mighty big woman at that!

Jace chose that moment to interrupt. He turned Bill around and landed a roundhouse right to the jaw that swung him completely around and right into a right hook delivered by the red head.

As Bill slowly sank to the ground, unconscious, Jace and the woman got their first good look at each other.

"My God, she’s tall!" "My God, he’s short!" They thought in unison.

"Thank you, mister, but I could have handled him myself. You might have gotten hurt, if I hadn’t knocked him out!"

Jace stood there in total shock, as she walked away! If SHE hadn’t knocked him out! HE might have gotten hurt! The few folks, who had heard, began to snicker, until a very angry set of blue eyes - in a face carved in stone - settled on them. They quickly began to disperse.

Going into the bar, he nodded toward the bartender who sent a whiskey down the bar to him. Shooting his head back, he downed the whiskey in one gulp and signaled for another. After downing it, he decided he’d better get his woman and get the Hell out of town before he blew his cool and killed that crazy redhead.

Walking back outside, he noticed most of the men had their women in tow and were headed for the church to be married. Looking over what was left, he couldn’t seem to find his Jillian. (Since when had he started thinking of her as ‘his Jillian".) He noticed the crazy redhead hadn’t found her match yet.

Jace wasn’t much for words, but this was an emergency.

"Anybody here know a Jillian Lane?" The redhead burst out laughing. For sure, that woman was asking for it! He started forward to shut her mouth once and for all, but was stopped in his tracks when she sputtered out, "I’m Jillian Lane, little man!"

"I’m not now nor have I ever been a ‘little man’. If’n you weren’t a woman, you’d be dead right now!"

"And, if you weren’t such a runt, I MIGHT even be scared a little, Little Man!"

Bill Bowdry chose that moment to come to. "Aw, Jace, what did you hit me for!"

"She’s mine, you stupid fool!" Jace barked back.

Shuffling to his feet (all 6’4" of him), he looked down at Jace (all 5’2" of him), and couldn’t help but grin.

"Jace, my friend, what are you gonna do with a woman that big. Boy, you’ll crawl in and never find your way out!"

Bill never was too smart. He never saw the two fists that connected with his face, one to his chin and the other to his jaw. He went down, never knowing what hit him.

"I belong to nobody!", Jillian stated bluntly.

"Well, as soon as we’re married, you’ll be MY wife!... By the way, how TALL are you?," Jace spat at her.

"I’m 6’2’’ tall. How SHORT are you?"

"I’m 5’2" TALL."

"You call that tall!" she giggled. At his glare, she just giggled harder. "So-o-o, you still want to go get married?"

With a wry grin, he said," I reckon that’s what we come here for!"

They turned and walked down the street to the new church. It had been built just for this occasion. They were about to make their vows before God and man. ‘And what God has joined let no man (or woman) put asunder.’


Chapter 4

Now that they were married, they decided it was O.K. to look each other over. She still couldn’t believe she’d come all this way to marry this little shrimp of a man. Well, truthfully, he was short but impossibly wide through the shoulders, looked like he could carry the world on those shoulders. His waist sloped down to the gunbelt on his hip. His butt was suitably muscled and his thighs were thick with muscle. She had noticed that while waiting in the church for their turn. She blushed when she caught herself wondering what he would look like without his clothes. If you looked past the hard look in his eyes, he was really pretty good-looking. She wondered how old he was. Somewhere between 25 and 40, she guessed. Didn’t matter now though, they were well and truly married--till death do them part.

He couldn’t believe he was married to this giant of a woman. Damn, he should have mentioned his height but he didn’t even think of it. Nobody else ever mentioned it either--not if they wanted to live long! Even with her being so tall, she has a nice figure, with nice, pert breasts. Ah, shit, she’s blushing! You reckon she knew what I was thinking! She is a good-looking woman, red-streaked blonde hair and smiling green eyes. Did she look at everything as a joke?

"Well, time to head home! I left the buckboard at the General Store. Guess, we’d better head home." he said, uncomfortably.

"Oh, good, I’ll be able to pick up a few items I’ll need." she said, brightly to his consternation, as she headed into the store.

When Jace entered the store, the first thing he saw was his new wife holding up denims, shirts and jackets for size.

"What in the hell are you doing? Those are men’s clothes!"

"Nonsense, I’ll be needing durable clothes for the type of work we’ll be doing!" she replied.

"We’ll be doing! WE’LL be doing! What kind of work do you think ‘We’ll’ be doing?"

"Herding and rounding up cattle, building fences and barns, fighting wild Indians, you know, ranch work. Oh, and I’ll need a whip, a six gun, a rifle, a knife, and, of course, some ammunition. Oh, and a hat! Can you think of anything else I’ll be needing, Mr. Logan?" she asked as she turned to her astonished husband.

"But all you’ll be doing is housework, gardening, and women’s work. I’ll be doing all that stuff."

Now it was her turn to be astonished, but she recovered quickly. "If I’d wanted to be a housewife, I would have stayed in the East! I thought out West you could be anything you wanted to be. Well, I want to be a cattle rancher and ride the range and do all sorts of exciting things."

"Do you even know how to use all those things you’re a buying?" the bewildered husband questioned.

"No. But you’ll be able to teach me everything I’ll need to know. I’m sure you’re quite capable. Please, put all of this on my husband’s bill. On the next trip into town I’ll know more about what I’m going to need. I’m so excited about being a rancher and all!" she said, as she left the store.

"Now, what?" asked Jace, looking to heaven for an answer.

"Well, I guess, you go home with your new wife!" Reuben said to his friend’s retreating figure, with a big smile on his face. This looked like the beginning of quite a marriage.


Chapter 5

The ride out of town was extremely quiet, but as soon as the town was behind them, Jace could no longer remain silent. "If we’re going to be out ranching all day, who’s going to take care of the house, the food, and all?"

"Well, we’ll just have to make do. Maybe we could get a maid to come in!" she quipped, trying to be funny. From the look on his face, he didn’t think it was funny. "Come on, you must have a little sense of humor! Must you take everything so seriously! Look at us, we make the most ridiculous couple ever."

"Excuse me, lady, but I thought I was getting a Wife not a damned Ranch Partner. You know, the kind who takes care of the house, the food and the kids." The woman was beginning to get him riled. Didn’t she even know how a woman was supposed to act--Rancher, huh!

"Well--a wife is a partner in a way, right? So, why not a Ranch Partner, instead of a maid, cook, and bottle washer? So-- are we partners or not?" she asked, indignantly.

"Woman, just let me think on it! I can’t believe what I’ve been through with you already. I just have to think!"

The rest of the trip was spent in silence, each of them wrapped up in their own thoughts; neither one comfortable with their spouse’s ideas and attitudes.


Chapter 6

The ranch was a sprawling affair. A small log cabin with a wood shed, well, corrals with a dozen or more mustangs. A large barn and a large stock pond, all located in a large clearing. Near the pond was a pig sty with pigs, rooting and grunting. Dogs roamed the area, until they spotted the buckboard, then they all came out barking and raising hell. With the large oaks, hickory and pecans surrounding the area, it was like a small world unto itself.

"It ain’t much, but it’s mine." the taciturn man stated.

"Well, I think it’s beautiful! Just perfect! We can plant a garden over there and--oh, look puppies! Aren’t they sweet? Oh, and look--kittens-- by the barn, see! And little piggies!"

He’d never looked at it like that. "The dogs are to keep the varmints away and the cats keep the field mice and rats from taking over. The pigs--we’ll butcher in the fall for ham and bacon."

"Not the little ones! I couldn’t eat them, just the thought makes me nauseous! You couldn’t kill those sweet little things." She looked horrified, like he was talking about eating their children.

"No, not this year but next year they’ll be just the right size. There’s chickens round back and a few fruit trees, apple, mainly, and a few peaches. We get sand plums and blackberries from the woods. I’ll unload the buckboard and stable the horses and you can go start dinner and unpacking. I fed everything before I left so that’s all taken care of." he said, as he got down from the buckboard and headed to unload the supplies.

"Excuse me, but aren’t you going to help me down!"

She looked at him as though that was what he was supposed to do--so he reached up to help her. As her feet touched the ground, she stumbled and his face was suddenly buried in her breasts. He grabbed her to steady her but quickly realized he wasn’t too steady himself. Heat seemed to blossom and settle in his groin. Looking up, he realized it had affected her, too, if her bright red face and serious demeanor was anything to go by! Catching himself staring at her mouth--he never noticed how generous her mouth was, with red pouty lips made for kissing--he stepped back, stumbling himself. She reached out to steady him, burying his face in her breasts again.

"Uh, sorry about that! " he said, "Uh, you can let go now! I’m usually not that clumsy!" She let go and he turned and headed for the barn.

"I thought you were going to unload the wagon and stable the horses. I’ll get my stuff in, if you need to do something else." she said, having trouble getting her breath. What was wrong with her? Sweat was trickling down the insides of her thighs.

"Oh, yeah, gotta get something from the barn," he said, nearly running for the barn. Hell, he had to get away or he’d take her right then and there. She’s his wife but they barely knew each other. What would she think if he suddenly just jumped her like that? Not that he cared what she or anyone else thought. There was just so much a man could take. He had to have some time to gather his wits and cool down, stopping by the trough to splash water on his face and neck. When had it gotten so damn hot!


Chapter 7

After unloading the wagon, stabling the horses and putting the wagon up, he felt better able to cope and headed for the house. Opening the door, he was shocked to see his new wife sitting at the table looking bewildered.

"I didn’t know where to put anything or where anything was to cook. It seems so strange to think of this as my home when I just got here."

"It’s all right, I’ll take care of cooking dinner. You can put your stuff in that trunk at the foot of the bed, I didn’t know if you would have a lot of clothes or a trunk, so I cleaned it out just in case. Reckon ham and eggs will do for tonight."

Being cooped up in the cabin together was a lot different than being outdoors together. The tension was palpable, thick enough to cut with a knife. They moved silently, taking care of their separate chores, feeling each others vibrations from across the room. Finally sitting down to eat.

"Reckon, I’ll start on making a bigger bed tomorrow. Never thought about us sleeping together. Unless you want to sleep separately, of course." he said, haltingly.

"No! I mean, a larger bed would be more comfortable for both of us. I didn’t think I would feel so lost. It’s just that everything seems so far away, like it’s just us two lost out here by ourselves. Well, you know what I mean, don’t you?"

"Not really! I was raised by the Indians and we moved from place to place following the buffalo herds--the whole outdoors was our world. It took me forever to get used to being shut in a house, wearing shoes and being white. Course it took the whites a long time to get used to me, too. This place has become a safe place for me to just be me without anyone or anything judging me. I ‘ve never been white--or Indian--but a mixture of the two." He said, trying to put her at ease.

"I always thought Indians scalped everyone and killed them. All I’ve ever heard was the only good Indian is a dead Indian."

"I reckon people are pretty much the same no matter where they come from. Some good, some bad and everything in between. The Indians killed my real folks but they took me in and raised me as one of them, even though I was never like them. They thought I was touched by the Great Spirit cause I was so different, but that, too, was just something they accepted. Never really had anybody of my own before."

"But now you have me! So you’ll never be alone again." she assured him.

"Yes, ma’am, just don’t really know what to do with you now that I got you!" he tried to joke, but when everything got quiet he decided maybe he wasn’t much at making jokes. The silence was back in full force.

"I’ll get you a bucket of water to get cleaned up and ready for bed and then I’ll bed down the animals." he stated, matter of factly, as he left the house.


Chapter 8

He’d piddled around outside as long as he could. She would surely be in bed by now so he headed back to the house. When he opened the door, he stood in shock, looking at his wife’s back. Her soft white shoulders sloping down to her rounded buttocks and down to unbelievably long, sexy legs. He thought that he’d never seen anything so lovely, until she turned around and he got a glimpse of heaven before she saw him in the door--and it was his. He shut his eyes and still saw the long silky hair framing her supple breasts, the large light brown nipples rising full and hard, the stomach softly bulging above her patch of pale brown hair in the V between her legs, and oh, the legs, long and white and shapely.

She’d never seen such an intense look in anyone’s eyes before. He looked like a statue caught in Medusa’s glare, unmoving and unbreathing. Grabbing her gown she hastily donned it, waiting for the statue to come back to life. She wanted to hide but there was no where to go and she really wanted him to do something--anything--say something.

When his eyes opened, the intense look was still there along with a wildness in the piercing blue eyes that turned him from the white man she had married to a man, raised by Indians, barely civilized. She suddenly felt like prey, paralyzed by the sheer power radiating from the man who was her husband.

His stalking pace terrorized her but she was powerless to run, captured and tantalized by the raw lust displayed before her. She jumped when his fingers brushed her cheek.

He’d never felt anything so soft and silky nor wanted anyone so much before--it was scaring him as much as it scared her. Women, he’d had--but this was his wife--his! Fighting down his lust, he forced himself to be gentle.

"Get in bed." he told her, holding her eyes with his own.

Her only thought was to obey, as though she had no mind of her own. Where two people had been, suddenly there was only one, intent on the subject at hand. As he reached to remove her gown, she stopped him.

"Please, turn out the light!" she asked, and at his frown, she repeated, "Please!"

"I want to see you! I need to see you!" he insisted.

Looking into those bright blue orbs, she could see the need in him, the desire. She could only nod, as he slowly removed her clothes, giving her plenty of time to change her mind. She watched enraptured as those same eyes moved hungrily over her, not missing an inch, devouring her body without touching it, starting little fires everywhere they lighted.

God, he hadn’t even touched her and he was in flames, how could he ever survive touching her! Moving his eyes back to the green gaze, he made himself concentrate on her, and her alone. Gently he placed his weight on her, on the bed, catching his breath at the gasp from her as their bodies touched and melded as one. Their lips met in a kiss that scorched their very souls. That they had just met made little difference as they both followed their instincts and began kissing and touching any body part that came within reach.

His lips made the journey that his eyes had made previously, his hands exploring the textures of her hair--from eyes to lips, checks, neck, pulse, creamy shoulders--moving slowly, lovingly.

Hands clasped his head close, as he gently explored the hills and valleys of her breasts, needing more of him. As he took her nipple into his mouth and suckled, first one and then the other, her nails curled into him as if to pull him into her. Moans of delight spurred him on to move downward, hands moving to mold and squeeze full breasts and hardened nipples, while lips measured the slight bulge above her pubic bones and tongue exploring the rise and fall of her flesh.

Her body began to undulate under him as he parted her and kissed the center of her passion. Her hands now tangled in the sheets as if to save her from drowning. God, but she is wet! The fingers of his right hand moved to the oozing pit between her thighs and slowly entered--one, two, three fingers--blue eyes met green as he entered deeper and deeper. She gasped as he met and passed the proof of her virginity, in and out, pressing on past until she was again moaning in delight, unable to hold his gaze.

Pulling her legs over his shoulders, his hands began to explore them as his mouth moved down again, his tongue licking and tasting her, moving over her clit again and again, until she was about to scream in frustration--for what she didn’t know. The scream erupted as the tremors peaked, shaking her to the core over and over, until finally they began to subside.

He moved back up and over her, holding her tightly to him, loving her as he had never loved another. No woman had affected him like this one. As he fell asleep, his last thought was of His woman!


Chapter 9

He woke to the smell of sex and woman. My God, he hadn’t even taken his clothes, gunbelt and boots off! God only knew what she’d think when she woke up. All he knew was he had better be gone. Well, since he’d never taken his clothes off, it wouldn’t take him long to get ready to leave. Moving as quietly as he could, he crept out and headed for the barn. After saddling his roan, he headed for the Indian encampment. Something told him, he was going to need the shaman’s help.

She woke to the crowing of the rooster, stretching and feeling like a new woman--a happy woman. As she remembered last night, a smile covered her face. Her new husband had been a definite surprise but it was a very, very nice surprise. She had been worried over the stay at home attitude but after last night, he definitely had potential. Maybe she should get up and get her clothes on--but then again maybe he’d be right back and they could try it again.

After a while, she decided to get up and do some looking around--after all she could always take her clothes back off. She couldn’t believe she had laid there naked while he had touched and kissed every part of her, but she did believe she would be doing it again and very soon, too, if she had anything to do with it. Deciding to wear her new work clothes, she donned her Levi’s, shirt, belt, bandanna, boots and hat. Not bad! Adding her new gunbelt and gun, she put her knife in its sheathe and hooked her whip over the handle of her gun. Alright! She even felt like a cowgirl rancher now.

Now, to check out her domain! Outside all of the dogs came running as she stepped through the door, clambering for her attention. Everything seemed to be pretty much as it had been yesterday. Her husband didn't seem to be anywhere around.

The day suited her mood, shiny and bright. Today she'd go into town and pick up a few more necessities. Maybe some spurs and a new belt buckle like the ones she'd seen in town. She'd just go do a little shopping and see what she found.


Chapter 10

His trip to the shaman's hadn't been very fruitful. The old man had been downright evasive when it came to women, and completely unresponsive when it came to white women. The only thing he had to say about sex was that it would be better to talk to a white whore than to him. He had been able to solve the housekeeping problem. Rainwater, the shaman's unmarried daughter, would cook, clean, garden and do the woman's work, until some buck came up with the suitable wedding gifts to satisfy the shaman's ego.

Now, he was on the way to town to talk to Ginny at the local cathouse so he could figure a way to keep his woman happy--it had suddenly become imperative that she be happy.

What if she got up and left him? He'd survived before she came but damned if he knew whether he would survive if she ever left him.

Hold it! What in the hell was his bay horse and old saddle doing in town? Pulling up in front of the General Store, he dismounted and entered. For some reason, it didn't surprise him to find his wife beginning to amass a mound of items on the counter, items that for some reason she would probably not be able to live without. Reuben caught his eye and shrugged, but Jace decided to go check with Ginny and let his wife enjoy herself.

As usual, Ginny was glad to see him and leaped into his arms as he entered her boudoir.

They were completely at ease with each other after their many and varied encounters with each other. She was the one person that he could be totally open and honest with. As she put it, a whore was up there with the doctor and the parson when it came to secrets--after all, who would go to a whore who had blabbed the secrets of her other clientele--most of them being married men

"So, Jace honey, what will it be today--something special, I hope."

"Just talk, Ginny, I guess you heard I got married the other day and I need to know how to keep her happy!"

"Well, now, don't that beat all! You coming to me for instructions on how to make your wife happy--are you talking about sex, baby? Let me tell you, honey, you could give lessons to every damn man in this county on how to keep a woman happy in bed--and I know because I've slept with most of them! As long as you treat your woman like a lady in public and like the sexy woman she is in private, believe me, you'll make her happy! If you want my opinion, you're the best man I've ever known. Just keep being you and you'll do just fine."

Taking her in his arms, he said," Thanks, Ginny, I knew I could count on you to play it straight with me."

The door crashing against the wall broke them apart, but what scared them was the wild-eyed redhead who came bursting through the door. "Mr. Logan, would you kindly explain to me what you're doing in the arms of that woman, in her bedroom no less! Pardon me, but didn't you marry me yesterday and take my virginity last night! Was I so lacking that you had to come to a whorehouse today? You can be sure of one thing you will not be sleeping in my bed tonight and you sure as hell better not be sleeping in hers either. If I knew I would shoot you, and not myself, I'd use this gun on you right now! Do you hear me, mister, this better never happen again!" She didn't pause for an answer but slammed the door shut behind her.

The two stood awestruck by the raging tempest that had come and gone.

"Whew, that must have been your new wife, huh! Why didn't you tell me she was a giant of a woman, with a temper to boot? Boy, you got you a handful there! Your life is going to be one hell of a ride with that woman. That there was one hell of a woman--no, that there was one hell of a lady!"

"What do I do now, she sure was mad? How do I ever get back in her bed to keep her happy? Hell, she'll probably never speak to me again!"

"Go home and do your best to get her to let you make love to her. Convince her that there is no way you can live without her and that you are the only man in the world that can make her happy! If that doesn't work, then send her to me and I'll try to convince her that we were only talking about making her happy! Oh, and Jace, tell her--all--of your secrets, she'll never be happy until she has you, secrets and all!"


Chapter 11

The roan was soaking wet with sweat when he finally made it home. He had ridden full speed all the way from town straight into the barn. Only the heart of the animal that had given his all made him stop to cool the animal down and feed and water it before he headed for the house. He rushed into the house to be halted by the sight of his wife with one hand twisted in Rainwater's hair and the other raised to strike her.

"NO! It's not what you think! Let me explain!" he hurried to say.

Her hands slowly dropped to her side. All she said was, "Explain!"

"I brought Rainwater home for a while, to do the housekeeping while we are out ranching. Her father loaned her to me until some young buck comes up with a suitable dowry for her. It's just temporary until one of the older women becomes widowed then we will take her in and she'll do for us in exchange for her food, clothes, and shelter for the rest of her days--it's the Indian way! I know you're mad at me but don't take it out on her!" he said, fervently, as their eyes were locked in battle.

"I came home from that debacle in the cathouse to find a beautiful Indian woman in my house, what was I supposed to think? I'm sorry, Rainwater, I jumped to conclusions! Please, forgive me!" she said, penitently. "God, what is wrong with me! I could have killed that woman you were with and beaten that poor innocent child! And, why? Because of one night of passion with you--a night like I've never known before!"

Pulling her into his arms, he tried to comfort her, stroking her hair and face as she broke into tears. "You may not believe this but nothing happened between Ginny and me. The shaman told me to go to a whore for answers on how to please a white woman, I saw the bay at the rail and saw you in the store with Reuben, so I went to talk to Ginny. Yes, Ginny and I have been intimate like we were last night but it has never been as wonderful as it was with you.

But Ginny and I are still friends, from now on that is all we'll ever be. I was scared to death this morning because I knew I would never be able to live without you. If you leave me, I don't know how I'll be able to go on! Please, don't ever leave me!"

As he talked, her tears dried and her heart began to heal. Hope blossomed that just maybe he might be telling the truth. She raised her eyes to peer into the blue sincerity that was waiting there for her to see.

"Ginny also told me that I needed to tell you my secrets, all my secrets. Some you know, some you don't and I hope they won't make a difference in how you feel about me. I'm known as a breed but I'm actually white and raised by the Indians. Few white men know that about me but I want you to know it. The big secret will have to wait until I get Rainwater settled in the barn. I plan on loving you like you've never been loved in your life and we don't need an audience. Tomorrow we'll start an add-on to the barn for our housekeeper to stay in. How does that sound?"

"O.K., I'll get cleaned up and get ready for bed." she said, hesitantly, still not sure if he were telling the truth or not.

"I'll be right back. I love you!" he hoped for a reply in kind but none was forthcoming.


Chapter 12

Opening the door to his own cabin was the bravest thing he could ever remember doing, this love thing was getting to be the devil's own work. Luckily nothing came flying out at him so he stuck his head around the door to see if it was safe. His wife sat propped up in bed with the covers collected at her waist--her very nude waist--she seemed to be waiting for him.

Trying to keep his mind off the delicacies awaiting him, he cleared his throat and sat on the edge of the bed. "We need to talk about my big secret." That was not what his woman wanted to hear so she removed his hat and began to stroke his long dark hair, marveling that a man could have such soft lustrous hair as she removed the leather band holding it back. He looked at her to see what she was doing, big mistake, she was still naked, so he looked away.

But in that glance she noticed that his hair being down made him look softer, more gentle. He cleared his throat again as she loosened and removed the bandanna around his neck, an amazingly soft if somewhat bullish neck. "My secret..." he began, as those hands began to pull his shirt from his pants, moving to unbutton it, her body leaning across him, her breasts tempting his hands. Lips met in a fervent struggle for control of the proceedings. Her hands on his chest brought him back abruptly. "My secret. We have to talk about my secret. You have to know my secret. Please, can we talk, NOW!" he was babbling but he had to get control of himself and her, if that was possible.

Her passion quickly turned to anger and frustration as she pulled the blanket up to her neck. "Talk!" was all she could get out.

"Indians think differently than white folks do! To the Indians I was simply a good hunter and a warrior, I learned the ways of being a brave quickly and well. My being different than them was just the way the Great Spirit made me, but to the whites I was some kind of oddity, a monster or something. They were scared of me so they wanted me dead or changed. To be myself around them, I had to change the way I looked so they could accept me. To be a white man I had to become a white man even in the way I thought about myself, so that is what I did. I know this isn't making much sense right now but I don't really know any other way to say it. My Indian friends seemed to think it was a great joke on the stupid white people so they've gone along with it all the way. There wasn't a problem until I got drunk and my white partners talked me into sending for a mail-order bride. That's you! So now, Ginny says I got to tell you. Well...you see...I...uhhh...Well, HELL..." He gave up in exasperation and began to unbutton his shirt.

When she saw the wrapping around his chest, she whispered, " Oh, my God, you're hurt. What happened?"

"You're jumping to conclusions again! Just wait a minute." His frustration making him fumble with the rest of the buttons and then he began to unwrap his chest.

Her mouth dropped open as his breasts were revealed. "But how can a man have breasts? How did that happen? Were you born that way? Well, of course, you were born that way--How could you be that way otherwise, huh?" Now, it was her doing the babbling.

With a look to the heavens, he began to remove his belt and Levi’s. Fumbling around with the buttons was beginning to get on his nerves, as was her ridiculous questioning.

As the pants hit the ground so did her jaw! "You're not a man! But you...How did you?...How can we...OH, MY GOD!...You made love...we made...sex...whatever you call it! God, No...I'm leaving...get out...I can't...I won't...You're some kind of freak...How could you? What am I going to do? I came across a whole continent to marry you--Is this some kind of sick joke you and your Indian friends thought up to put one over on the crazy white woman?"

"NO! I'm still the man I was last night when I pleasured you. I'm still the man who married you. I'm still the man who loves you. I'm just different. I am sexually attracted to women and always have been. We're married. You are my Wife! You're MINE! You can't leave me--you said, 'till death do us part' before God! You wanted me last night and you wanted me tonight--face it--accept it--we can be so good together!"

"YOU ARE NOT A MAN!...YOU ARE NOT MY HUSBAND!...NO!..GET OUT!...YOU MAKE ME SICK!...I DON'T WANT YOU!--I NEVER DID!...NEVER!...NEVER...Never...never...never," her sobbing mixed with her words touched his very soul.

"The Indians explain it as a Warrior Spirit in a woman's body! I don't know how white folks explain anything--they just seem to hate anything different. I guess you, being white, hate me, too, just cause I'm different. Think on this, though. Aren't you different, too? You want to do man's work instead of being cooped up in a house doing woman's work. No matter what you say, you loved my pleasuring you and nothing can change that. We can live together as man and wife or you can marry some man who will expect you to do housework and have a passel of kids to take care of and you'll never be free to explore who you are at heart. Stay with me and we'll both be free to be ourselves." As he talked, he redressed, and headed for the door. "I'll sleep in the barn with Rainwater tonight, so you can think it all over. If you need me, you know where I'll be. Just remember, I love you! You're mine, just like I'm yours! Nothing either of us can do will change that. Nothing!" the slamming of the door accentuated his final word.


Chapter 13

"Arrrr, what a way to wake up! Who's banging pots and pans around at this time of the morning? Oh, Hi, Rainwater! Sorry about that, I just didn't sleep too well last night." That was putting it mildly. She'd cried herself to sleep after Jace (I never even asked her what her name was) had left. Oh, God, she had gotten herself in a peck of trouble. Let see, first of all, she's married to a woman--second, she wants that woman back in bed with her--and, worst of all she's in love with that damn husband of hers, who's a woman! She should have stayed back East where things like this don't happen. At least she didn't think they happened. Never had she ever had feelings like this for another woman back there. They were just too prim and proper for things like that, weren't they?

"Rainwater, if you see Mr. Logan, tell him I'm going into town!"

"Warrior Woman say you stay here. No go anywhere." Rainwater stated with a frown.

"Warrior Woman is that what you call Mr. Logan at the Indian village? I think I like that, she is very much a Warrior Woman, isn't she?"

"You no tell Mr. Logan, I say his true name. He be very mad at Rainwater. Mrs. Logan stay, so Mr. Logan be happy." the Indian maiden said, beseechingly.

"Sorry, Rainwater, no can do. I have a few people to talk to in town." she stated as she walked out the door in her new clothes. Her damned husband hadn't even noticed her new clothes yesterday! Of course, he noticed her when she was in bed without any clothes. But then he had just walked out. No kisses...or hugs or...or...anything.

Well, you can't really blame him! He..no, she...was standing there in front of you naked and all you could do was scream at him...her. God, you wanted to see him naked so bad, you wanted him so bad and when you got what you wanted--you could have had it all--and you told him to get out! What kind of a fool are you? Damn, I'm so confused. Who do I talk to first?

The trip to town had been taken up with her musings and she was there before she knew it. Heading for the General Store, she decided to tackle Reuben first.

"Reuben, how are you today? Might I have a word with you in private, please!"

Reuben knew an order when he heard one, no matter how nice it was worded. "Sure, ma'am, step back here in the office with me!.....Now how can I help you?"

"Did you see my husband yesterday?"

"Yes, ma'am, he came in the door while you were looking at those silver belt buckles. Didn't say nothing, just nodded and left to take care of some other business, I reckon. You remember you left right after that!" Reuben answered, totally bewildered.

"Thank you, sir. You've been most helpful." she replied, as she hurried out of the store.

She turned and headed up the street to Ginny's Place, hoping to get this settled once and for all. Ginny met her at the door and led her into her office. "This way, please, Mrs. Logan. What can I do for you? Did Jace send you here?" she inquired.

"Lord, no, he told me to stay at home. I need to hear from you what went on last night between you and my husband--the truth!" The poor wife looked like she was dreading what she knew she was going to hear.

"Nothing happened, honey, just some talking. That old shaman at the village told Jace he'd do better to talk to me about sex than him. Of course, I told Jace that he didn't need lessons from anyone on that score, but you already knew that, right?"

"Oh, lord, I've screwed everything up! I asked a man on the street if he knew my husband and if he'd seen him--he told me he was at the town whorehouse and I just flipped! I went crazy! I went home and found a beautiful Indian girl in our house and tried to tear her apart but luckily Jace stopped me before I could hurt her. All I could think about was getting him into bed and showing him I was woman enough to keep him happy without going to other women. And he took off his clothes. I called him all manner of things and told him to get out--that I was leaving him. Please, tell me what I should do!" she pleaded with the woman.

Ginny shook her head in astonishment, at this rate she was going to have to change her shingle from whorehouse to marriage counselor. "So you know "he" is really a woman. You know, we've slept together more than once.He's the best I've had and that's saying something.

Honey, you’re young and inexperienced, so I'm gonna lay it out for you. Our backdoor is used by alot of the so-called ladies in this town and a great many others. They come here for satisfaction, from men and women alike, just like their menfolks--just not as openly. You don't hear about it, but it's happening everywhere, all the time.

Jace Logan is more man than most of the men I've ever known. The fact that he's a woman doesn't change that. Go home. Love him. Be happy. What more do you need to know?"

"Thank you, Ginny, you've given me alot to think about! I hope that we can become friends--I know you and Jace will remain friends. I've got one more stop to make and then I'm heading home." she said, sincerely.

"Thank you, honey, a whore doesn't have many friends so they appreciate the ones they have." With a hug they parted for their other duties.

As she headed for the church, her head was swimming with the things she had learned. She hoped the parson would be as helpful.

"Ah, Mrs. Logan isn't it? How are you and your new husband getting along?"

"Not too well, parson, that's why I'm here!" she stammered.

"Well, my dear, marriage is very difficult at first--lots of compromises to be made, but I'm sure you and your husband can work these things out." He assured her as he steered her into his office and shut the door. "Now, then, what's the problem?"

"Well, you know everyone looks at Jace--Mr. Logan--as a..a breed. Well, he's...alot..different from other...men. Being raised like he was, he has different...ideas. And...well...sexually...he's...well, he's different,...if you know what I mean." she faltered, as she noticed the parson's face and neck had turned a bright shade of red.

"Well, of course, young lady,...each...ah...man...is different. But what you have to remember you swore before God to love, honor, and obey him until death you do part. Now that may be a long time and no doubt there will be many...differences between you, but he is your husband--no matter how different he may be--and you must learn to live with his, er, differences. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, thank you. I believe you've answered all my questions."

"Uh, young lady, does your husband know your running around dressed like that!"

"Yes, parson, he bought these clothes for me and saw me wearing them yesterday and didn't seem to have any problems with them." she looked at him, questioningly. He just shrugged and showed her to the door.


Chapter 14

His day had started out bad and gone downhill from there. After a night tossing and turning in the hay, he was in a hell of a mood and on top of that, he was missing 10 head of cattle. Half of day spent hunting and rounding them all up hadn't helped his mood one bit.

He should have started the room for Rainwater, the physical labor would probably have been good for him but he really wasn't ready to face his wife. The verbal battering she'd given him had done more harm mentally than a shotgun blast at close range would have done physically.

Was she right? Should he step aside and let her leave him? Were the vows they said before the white man's God, null and void, since she was a woman on the outside? Was their love and desire for each other perverse because they were both women? Would any white man let his wife be the woman she wanted to be? And most of all, how in the hell was he ever going to live without her? The questions kept rolling around in his head until he came to the conclusion that the only answer was to go home and confront his wife.

Try as he might, he couldn't keep the questions at bay. How had his wife become such a defining factor in his life in such a short time? He still had no answers when he arrived home.

While stabling his horse, he noticed the bay was sweaty and had marks of a saddle on him. Well, so much for the vow of obeying, so far everything he told her to do she immediately went and did the exact opposite. With a deep sigh, he headed for the cabin and the confrontation.

Opening the door, he braced himself, then walked into the room. Jill was sitting at the table with her head in her hands, looking very unhappy. "If you want to leave, I'll understand."

Why had he said that? There was no way he could ever let her go. As their eyes met, he unconsciously began to move towards her.

"I'll leave, if you want me to." She stood and started moving towards him, slowly as if she feared his answer.

As they bodies met, he whispered, "I don't ever want you to leave me...not ever! I love you so much!"

As their lips met, she whispered, "I love you, too!"

As their kiss deepened, they whispered in unison, "I want you!"

Clothes began to hit the ground, their bodies beginning to grind into each other. Their mouths exploring curves and flesh as it was revealed. Kisses falling randomly, hands roaming, tongues dueling, mouths sucking, legs entwining as they moved slowly towards the bed.

Knees buckled as they reached the bed and fell entwined to the mattress.

"Teach me what to do to please you!" came Jill's muffled exclamation. "I want to look at you like you looked at me. I want to touch you, taste you, be in you, be a part of you, please." Jill’s impassioned voice broke into his concentration on her breasts and neck.

"Anything you desire, love, anything." Jace intoned, huskily

. "Lay..down.. and let me ...make love to you.... like you did to me. I love your eyes,...they're so expressive. Right now...they're telling me...how much you...want...me! Tell me what you want!"

"Touch me on my...touch me everywhere! Kiss me, suck me...everywhere!"

"Here?..." as shy hands reached and delicately brushed a hardened nipple. "And here?", moving to the other nipple. Lips moved ever so slowly to tenderly kiss each nipple, Jace couldn't have moved if she wanted to--it was like watching a fawn take it's first meal. Then, she began to suckle, gently at first, harder as the nipples began to harden more and more. When Jace thought she had had all she could handle, those lips began to search out more exciting places. Traveling downward, kissing and sucking, until she reached the top of Jace's mound. Jill stopped and viewed this unknown.

"Why don't you have hair on you, like me? It's so soft, like a baby's bottom."

"Oh God, you're gonna kill me!..." Jace said, laughingly. "Don't you know not to ask things like that during sex! Cleanliness...that's why! Now, don't stop...don't stop!" Jill's tentative kisses were driving her insane. "Kiss me there...now...please!"

Since that was exactly what she had in mind, Jill dipped her head and kissed her mound, and then the lips and reached to view Jace's innermost treasures. Her lips followed, brushing over her clit and causing her lover's hips to leave the mattress, taking her with her.

"G-o-o-o-o-o-d...what you're doing to me! More...now!" Jace demanded, breathlessly. "Yes-s-s...." Jill's fingers dipped into the center of Jace's being as her lips settled on her clit and began to suck in time with her hand.

Jace's breathing went from breathless to gasping, her shaky hands grasped Jill by the head and her legs wrapped around the firm young body between her legs. Finally, her body stiffened, her head fell back, her hand wound into the sheets, as a primal growl erupted from her lips.

"Ah-h-h-h love!! My Jill. My wife. Come to me!" And a cum faced angel slipped up her body to fasten cum soaked lips to hers. "Oh, baby, yes!"

Jill basked in the knowledge that she had reduced this hardened cowpuncher to simply a satisfied woman. Until the hands that had been wrapped in the sheets, grasped her hips and turned her over on her back and began to explore.

"Your turn, baby!" were the most satisfying words she had heard in ages.


Chapter 15

Jill woke to sounds of birds chirping, dogs barking and cattle lowing. As she moved she realized there was no one in bed with her. Damn, but she was going to have to teach that man...whatever… to stay in bed of a morning! Sitting up and shaking her curls loose, she began to look for her clothes. They were neatly folded in the chair beside the bed. Undoubtedly, Jace had picked them up because the last she remembered of them they had been flying all over the cabin.

Going to the larder, she cut herself a chunk of bread and headed outside. She saw her husband in the pens feeding the animals. When he saw her, he stopped and waved. She nonchalantly ambled over and leaned against the rail to survey him. Looking at him now no one would believe the soft, silky woman underneath his clothes. A long slow smile spread across her face as she thought--and all of it's mine.

After finishing what he was doing, he moved in his wife's direction.

"Get your whip and get out here! That'll probably be the easiest thing to teach you first to help you defend yourself. But hurry, I ain't got all day to be dilly-dallying with you!" He said, chuckling as she took off for the house at a run. He went into the barn and came out with a piece of the horse's harness about 2' long with an iron ring about 3" in diameter and hung it on the end of the clothes line.

Jill showed up with her whip and Jace got his out.

"Now a whip is as individual as the person using it. Mine will feel different than yours, it has to do with length, weight, how tightly it's woven and also how new it is. You are going to work with your whip because it's what you'll be using. I'll show you how to use it by using my whip because it has become an extension of my arm.

First off, get the feel of your whip. Move it around, test it's weight and limberness. Then pull your arm back and flick your wrist to move it forward, letting the power flow through your arm to the tip of the whip. Like so..." The end of the whip settled neatly into the ring on the tack and slipped gently back out so that the ring moved softly backwards and forwards.

"Oh, that looks so easy!" Jill said, excitedly. Taking her whip she copied Jace's action only to have her whip wrap limply around the clothes line pole. "R-r-r-r..."

"That's not bad for a beginning, honey! It'll take a lot of practice but when you're finished, you'll be able to snap the buttons off of my shirt and never leave a mark on my skin. I promise."

"Can you do that with your whip? Here? Now?" Jill breathed softly.

"Yes, ma'am, I can. But...uh..."

"Show me!" Jill cut him off in mid-thought.
"Button your shirt on up to your neck! And stand perfectly still! Don't move a muscle!" Jace remonstrated with her. Slowly bringing his whip back, he popped it in the blink of an eye and there went one button—she’d felt the breeze from the whip but nothing else. Pop--and another button hit the ground. Pop, pop, pop and three more hit the ground. Pop, pop and each side of her shirt was open, showing her chemise. Pop, pop--and the straps holding it up snapped leaving her chemise around her waist and her breasts free to his view.

He very gently moved his whip two more times so that the tip flicked the very ends of her nipples like an electric charge. The whip dropped at his feet as he moved to claim what was his alone. His mouth covered one and then the other nipple still tingling from the whip's kiss!

"Oh, god, the house and don't forget the whip!" Jill demanded, urgently. She turned and made a beeline for the house. Jace picked up his whip and snapped it gently caressing her bouncing ass with the tip. With a start she turned abruptly.

"Don't forget me, honey!" Jace joked. The whip snaked out and brushed between her legs sending a charge to her honey pot.

"As if I could! Come on, don't be slow!"

"No one ever accused me of being slow, baby! No one!" he said, as the whip wound around her waist and he pulled her to him. His face was momentarily surrounded by two of the most luscious breasts he ever had the pleasure to pleasure. "Enough talk! Get in the house woman you have a hungry man on your hands and he's skipping the meal and going straight for dessert."

" I haven't seen a man around here--only you, little woman!" Jill chided, smilingly.

"Come to think of it--me neither--let's go see what we can find inside"

"OK! You check inside the cabin and I'll check inside your clothes--the ones you have on, of course!" the blonde teased.

"I've created a very wicked woman!" the dark-haired woman, stated proudly. Cracking her whip loudly, about an inch from Jill's crotch. "Get in that house, now, woman!"

Jace warned. And she did.


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